Chester Bennington

In the most difficult times in my life so I have always listened to Linkin Park so it is with great sadness that Chester Bennington has died. I have always thought that Chester is an absolutely phenomenal singer, and his voice has always come from his soul. It makes it extra hard that he is gone. But Chester will always be in my heart for it is his voice and the whole Linkin Park as many times as described in their lyrics that I can relate to. I love Linkin Park I have done for as long as I can remember. All these wakeful nights when I was not feeling good that I listened to Linkin Park and all those wonderful days that I am listening to Linkin Park. There are few people who can put such an impression on me and who can describe my consciousness is so incredibly good that Linkin Park has always made and still makes with his Divine Music. I am devastated how it has become.


Love you Chester Bennington and I will always remember you :

A thousand Thanks for everything Chester Bennington you will be missed but never forgotten. Linkin Park’s music has saved me many times and will continue to do it. Will miss Chester and his voice so much in future but iam going to play all your Lovely songs when you sing. I will do it now and forever. Sending so much Love to all of you in the Linkin Park now when ye are in grief and to all you others who are grieving.
Many Hugs and Love From MinikeGirl

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