I surround myself with loving people and Friends :)

Today, I have begun to get more into how I think regarding one of my rooms. Have a few things in the room to be away for me to be able to do what I want in there. But it may take a little bit at a time.  As usual, when I agree with something so it will all the time come out  new ideas 🙂  I also have the task to sort all of these papers that I have collected on me. Those who you thought you once would have. I have definitely not at all needed haha 🙂 !


Because I’m in a fresh pasta period so I did another pasta right today. With pesto as an accessory which was very good . The same kind of pasta that I ate the other day but now mixed I the varieties and use the pesto instead of creme fraiche. Used shrimp and marinated garlic cloves. Of course, I made so that I have tomorrow. It is just as good when you make the food, I think 😛 

I take this opportunity to celebrate my successes in life every day and I am so grateful that I have arrived where I have arrived today. My journey through this mortal life and my teachings about how it is to be medial. As I mentioned earlier, my soul is very old and has been living millions of different lives. This is one of them and it has been very instructive and interesting. In many other lives so I have been fighting in order to survive and in this life, it has been the same but more modernized. But it is the same survival instincts that gather in difficult times. I have also struggeled a lot with myself in this life and it has taught me a lot about myself. It has made me even stronger. In this life, it is so much and so many emotions that one can feel, but also during some periods of time so I have not felt anything. I was given the ability to be medial, but even on the good and evil to feel so much, and during some periods, the inability to feel anything. It is no wonder that it can do so in terrible pain, some times emotional and other times not feel it at all. I is perceived as a social and quite emotional person. But I am so much more that many people don’t know anything about. But I feel so good that I can for I know who I am and what I can do. Where my boundaries go.

I surround myself with loving people  and friends who love and respect me for who I am. I am happy but I am also very sad at the same time. I’m bothered much, but I’m bothered at the same time very little. I’m stubborn in a good way but also in a bad way at the same time. Everything that I feel strongly that is positive I also feel just as strongly when it is sad and sad. As strongly as I can feel love I can feel the hatred. As happy as I can feel me just as sad, I can feel me the same day at the same time. It does not need to be one or the other. In my case, it can be many emotions involved, and some days I feel barely any emotions at all if I don’t break the pattern. Therefore, I choose my life with care so that all the time I need to use my emotions in a good way in everyday life. Balance is also important here. I know a lot about how to feel because I have gone through a lot . I’m glad I know who I am today and what I’m capable of and where my limits go 🙂 

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 🙂 


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