Get a nice visit from a girl friend of mine tomorrow :)

Sitting and drinking my morning coffee and thinking of life as usual. Sometimes it can be a little hard to be intelligent and talented as I apparently have become and want to be but at the same time, it is wonderful to just be a little bit of my old self. At the same time as I take it one day at a time so I plan even 20 years ahead. I’m thinking of what songs I should start to immerse myself. If I’m going to clean up here at home a bit today. Get a nice visit from a girl friend of mine tomorrow so it feels really nice when it is a close friend to me.

I have now with the people who I want to be with on my journey through life, which feels wonderful but, above all, safe. It is the very reason why I feel so good as I do today. I do a lot now through my music and I know that it is a big part in that, I feel good. The songs I do now are songs that are very close to me but yet at the same time so far away. It is good to constantly mix up everything piece by piece.
I really need to get more folders to put my songs in and I buy any of these in different colors as you have seen. It is a must that every song should have its own folder hihihihi  😛 
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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