Get caught up in my creativity :)

Took a lot of coffee today before I started to write music..So there has been a song here in the morning. It is good to start early in the morning then I get more done otherwise, so goes the day so fast and it quickly becomes night. I have all the time lots that I’m working with, so it is important to plan well. But all the time in my schedule so I’m going to new angles and new ways of working. It means that there is all the time available to do  😛 Since I have easy to get caught up in my creativity so I tend to check on the clock when it is reasonable to eat the food. I decide when I’ll train and do other things. When I went in to a real type period then many other things wait. Then it is just to write everything what I can. Every day is different when I work with my business which makes it so fantastic.

I have a lot of scheduled things coming up that I will realize in the future. It will be very exciting. 

Thanks to all of you who listen to my music : 

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Take Care OF Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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