I get big drowsy at one-half aspirins  :-)


I am not sick and poor but to always try to see what roads I can take for it to be better. If it can get better, and I will do what I can to achieve a better balance. You know before that I have errors on my thyroid and that it causes problems for me in my everyday life. So when my usual hormone period, pull the trigger, so will I be affected very negatively. It means that now I have evaluated the past 2 years regarding my health. Everything regarding my hormones have escalated and become worse every time. I understand that there is nothing that’s going to be easier then it has become so much worse in 2 years. So I have decided that I should start taking medications for it here so I don’t have to feel that it is taking over my life as it has started to do. I want to be able to work and do what I have planned, and then I want to work better. I have been waiting for that I wanted to see if it would go of its own accord and it did not. I am also afraid to add medications because I have become sensitive. I get big drowsy at one-half aspirins  🙂 . Why can’t I be impulsive in this situation but have been forced to evaluate my own behavior now during these 2 years. But I’m proud of myself that finally have been able to make this decision. I am proud of myself that despite this problem and my other problem though have been able to work that I have done. Now I feel so secure in it that I do and I do not want to risk that I get worse and start to cope with less of it may be possible to get a little better balance on the whole.

I succeed, of course, make my decision now on a Friday so clearly but I can already see that the year 2018 will be better. I’m going to get even more balance in everything. Goes as I hope, so will I be able to work more and avoid having to look in the almanac all the time to try calculate when I am most whole and balanced. 

Today I’m going to work with my music in it, you could probably figure out hihihihihi   😛 
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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