Love to just sit and write music :)

I have written music throughout the day and it has been lovely to have been able to do it. Feel so good when creativity presents itself exactly as it did today. Love to just sit and write music. It is a part that must be structured up now but the groundwork is finished. The next step is to find out and focus on those songs that it is time to start making backgrounds. This time, I have started a little bigger and more extensive projects concerning my music. It was so because I was so creative today because there were a few extra songs written hihi  😛  . 

Now I have to do the next time that comes with my music and it feels absolutely amazing. In a week I’m going to brew my coffee properly every day. 




A thousand Thanks to all of you who follow me on my creative journey through life. Thank you all who listen to my music and all the nice words about my latest release, Min Gåva  : 

Take Care Of Each Other  😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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