Habitual Life

I would sleep a long time today I had thought and it was not so good. I woke up early haha 😛 . Have written music throughout the morning and is really happy. Need to unwind a little now, for I have stood and sung many hours. Fantastic to just be able to sit down in the couch for a while. My couch is really cozy and good in the room it stands in. I am very careful with what I have for furniture at home and I certainly don’t want to have too many. My home should be airy so that there is a harmonious and peaceful environment. 

Was going to make food now for a while and then work on it. It is important when you are working that you really take these breaks. Keep in mind that it is more important to have the strength to longer periods of time than to take out all your energy and then not be able to do anything at all. I have learned the pace that I can run in order to have a good balance. It can be, is that my desires to do so much and for that I think it is so fun to do music and that blogging can take over a bit. When I have a good focus so the hours. There will be a lot of work and sometimes, it feels like I don’t really have anything stop. Yesterday I stood and sang and wrote music until midnight. It was good and it was fun and I could have been awake for a few hours and worked. Where do I know that I have to stop myself even though I in this situation feel that I will be able to write 10 new songs. I am going to stop myself here because I do not want to begin anything that may impair my balance. Sometimes I just run on and many had probably thought that I would have continued yesterday with writing several more songs. 

I have learned to resist what all I want to do in many contexts, and then I do what is best for me long-term seen. I will surely be able to write so many more songs than the 10 that I had to do yesterday. I wrote 2 songs and I am pleased with that. My plans regarding my music is much more than writing and releasing 25 songs. So I can not destroy my plans through to tear me out by writing songs one night. This is something that I want and to do in several years. In the rest of my life.

By I am all the time trying to go after my structure so I get what I want done, finished. It has its profits and it has its price. I refrain from big many things to be able to live as I do. To do what I want the most and to achieve my goals. It has given me new friends and strengthened the friendships I already have. I surround me with other people that make me forget what I am sacrificing to be able to live like this. The friends who are on the same page as I am and understand why I live this habitual life.

I woke up and half of my life had gone to not to think and not plan. Just do impulsive things and completely ignore what the consequences were. I thought it was as life was. My life was so simply and the years have gone by quickly. What I do now is that I stop the time and use each day as if it were 2 days. So by that I’m slowing down and structuring more so I’m going to get in a good balance in time. I take time today in a completely different way. I am glad that I after so many years found back to the person I lost so long ago. I never stopped to have that little hope that kept me there. The desire and my motivations in that one day I would get peace and quiet.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Take Care Of  Yourself 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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