I Feel Very Harmonious :)

After a long and lovely shower so I feel very harmonious. I started the day with to make sure that my son came to the school. Then, I started to make music. Ended up that I took a long hot shower. After a long and lovely shower so I feel very harmonious. When you have been with what I’ve been through, it’s so valuable to have these days. When I feel that I have got it back as I had not previously known me had under destructive conditions. My body is mine and only mine. When it has been the worst so has my body just felt like a shell and I have left it in difficult conditions. When I become beaten and underlying threats that if I don’t agree to have sex, so it becomes a very tough situation. When your partner is calmer if he gets what he wants.

It is thus that I have had it in the past for quite a few years, but today is as free from this as I can be. For today, especially when I showered I felt so free and that my body is my. I am reminded of how much it does for me to get to have these days. I dream nightmares about what has happened and it goes in periods. I may never forget that when this happened during the years, so I was not the one who I am today. I respect myself and who I have become. I love myself today. The problem when this happened was that I was that I thought I loved the person who had subjected me to this. How strange it may seem. I loved NOT myself and he made me not be able to do either because of the psychological abuse. Today people see life so differently and I have really struggled to get a more tolerable existence. It is days like today that feels so fantastic all the way into the soul.

My body is mine just mine………..

My soul is mine only mine…….

My psyche is Strong………

I surround myself only with strong men now-a-days. They know where the limits are. I can also have some close encounters with my male friends on a amicable plane. It is okay to stand close to me if you are a man and we know each other. For me it is useful and good for my process to be able to feel that it feels better and better. Almost all of my male friends is big-boned and has gigantic muscles. All my male friends helps me through it as I have been involved with. It is important for me to dare to take the chance to trust other people again, especially when I have had times when I hated myself. Today I love myself and I trust myself to never end up where I’ve been again. It feels amazing. 


Love you all my dear Friends both men and women so clearly  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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