I have many things already booked now this month

Yesterday I was  off to work and today I have been working at home. Started the day with morning coffee outside in the sunshine. It is so lovely when the sun is out and it comes to fit. Good to get Vitamin D also. It has been a really lovely day but now in the afternoon, so I think it actually feels so warm and cozy to be indoors again. I am not an outside person, really, but love to be in the sun and to go for walks. Right now, as we wait for the chicken to be finished in the oven. It takes an hour before it is finished but it wont be felt relatively quickly anyway. It is so good food and really so worth the wait. Tonight, it will be to check on any exciting series on the computer and to rest a bit.

I have many things already booked now this month. So I have decided that it will be a quiet weekend. It is important to get unwind and then to wind up  😛 
I keep on writing the music as always so it happens all the time something here which feels incredibly fun. I’ll soon to musicstudio again to record new music. I found one of my songs on a playlist on Spotify that someone had put there, which is really fun. I have my songs on the other lists but this is extra fun. Since I tried to do a song in a genre that I’m not used to doing music at all so it’s awesome that my song ”Skyddad Adress ” has ended up at a Hip/ Hop playlist  🙂 

A thousand Thanks to all of you who Listen to my Music and follow my blog  🙂 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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