Picture Of My New Shoes :)

Now have my new shoes finally arrived and my west. I have on my new shoes now to get used to me a bit. You already know that I have my own style when it comes to both shoes and clothing. I like the green here, as you can see  😛 

This is not to the ordinariness that I buy new shoes and it doesn’t mean I can’t. It’s just that I walk so much and have stuck to the standard black shoes that I dance in here in one of my musicvideo. Where I got the criticism that I had worn the shoes hahahaha  😛 

It is not tricky with all these critics that come when you do something good? I am so happy with my musicvideo that are exactly like this. I could have been hired a bunch of people and had new purchased clothes and gone in a sports car. But the song is not about that. So You Can : 

Despite the fact that I am not accustomed to stand in front of the camera so I have made this musicvideo to my song YOU CAN. It was a real challenge for me and I am so proud of myself. So I have really not bought new shoes that I got the criticism that I had them in my music video but I have bought them because I can. 

In this musicvideo to my song Shadows Art , so I had these boots : 

It is fantastic to have done 2 music videos and to be able to constantly sit and write music as I do. I get daily many who write to me that they love my music and I write songs that affect them. A thousand Thanks to all of you you are wonderful. 
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛 

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