I Love My Gift :)

Absolutely fantastic to my new song My Gift is released. It feels so fun to finally get to share it with you all. My gift is to be medial and I was born with this. There has been a lot of practice for me to both understand and to actually be able to live with my gift. A wise man once said to me that I would take care of my gift when I was in the United States. It has happened in my life to people I don’t know have come up to me and said that I should take care of my gift. I have always known that I have had my gift at the same time as it could be  scary. For it is like that all the time to live between life and death. I love my gift and I am glad I followed all the great advice to just take care of my gift. Great feeling that I have been able to write a song about what I feel. Today I can both see and hear, and know of other energies and other hand. So it really feels absolutely amazing. I’m good at to transform bad energy to good energy and I am very strong when it comes to running out of various spirits that are going wrong. This is nothing that I work with despite the fact that  I am strong in my abilities. Can happen that I sometimes help other people if I am on site and there is bad energy. 

Today as I sit and work with a lot of things and had to just now go and turn the light off in the room where I sit for it was too bright. Would also need to set me on my exercise machine and workout a little bit because it is important. I feel like I’ve been sitting still too much hihi  😛

I have finally received help to tighten the screws properly on my machine so it is just to run  😈
Continued nice weekend my friends…..
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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