I will not eat lots of candy :) 

Time goes by so fast and soon it is already christmas time again. It feels completely okay that I have planned clearly how everything should be. It is just a little bit of christmas decorations that will be until now. I’ll probably also make my favorite candy because they are big good and simple to make. Just whipped cream and sugar, and cocoa so it may boil for a good while. I tend to be very careful with the sugar so I will not eat lots of candy 🙂 

I work very much with my music and today I’ll also head off to one of my other jobs. It will be fun for it’s been a while since the last time I was there. I hold on with my new medication and take it one day at a time so that it will be a smooth transition so that I won’t have with a lot of extra problems.

I am very careful to try to maintain a good balance all over the place like yesterday, and I think long-term. This I do for my health and there is a risk that I may lose the only week of the month that I actually feel that I’m fine and works as I want. What I do now is to try to correct the balance there so that I’ll get hopefully more days in a month where I feel better. This applies both mentally and physically and I know what I have gotten myself in to. I don’t have so much to lose, it could not be so much the worse I felt and I have not desire to get so bad health that I can’t do it as I want to. Therefore, it was a pretty easy decision that I took. So if I feel extra bad now a few months in the future that there will be better balance, so it is worth it. There has not been any improvement so I have in all cases tried.

It is very stable and the good thing is that I have written several new songs which feels absolutely amazing. I will of course keep you updated. As I have mentioned in the past, so will the year 2018 to be really exciting and then you will get to hear more music from me  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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