Lifting Weights :)

Today I have had time to be a part of the sun, which has been wonderful. It does so much with the sunlight and the heat. It is handy that I can work from my mobile phone if I want to. But of course, it is wonderful to just lie down and take it easy in the sun. Now freezes, I a little as usual when it has been warm so now I’ve got me a warmer shirt. I really want to have it warm. 20170527_152325.jpgOften get darker arms than legs for I freezes often on the legs haha 😛 

Have received some questions about how it goes with my training. It is here that I have had so much else for me also it has been good for the body. But any workout on my machines, it has not been now for a while which I personally think is a shame. I do not like to have a break but like I said I have done things that have been good for my health anyway on the latest. Walking I do on an almost daily basis and I sing much which is a workout in itself. I sit even and wobbles when I type on the data so I are almost always in motion 😛 


Now I have really started to eat more food so it will be good when I start lifting weights again. But first, there will be some training heating and then, I mean that I started to calm so clear. It is easier to have the energy to carry things when you have a little bit of muscle that I had here Weeeeiiiiiii hihihihi 😛 

I like to be able to wear what I want to be with me and I am so stubborn. It should be handy and I like the muscles and to be strong. Small but strong in every way haha 😛 

Have the best my lovely listeners and readers.

Take Care Of Each Other.
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl

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