It is worth it!  :-D 

It has been really exciting to follow Sweden in football and I think they really should be pleased with their effort. They have played very good and I have seen each and every match.

The summer continues with the lovely weather and we have had time to play some football my son and I. It is really fun and it feels in your body afterwards. A bit sore hihi  😛 and sometimes badly hurt. It is worth it!  😀 

I have trained my body a little bit different on the latest. It goes really good and it takes time. Thought it was time for a bit of variety, it never hurts.

It has been a couple of really lovely days here at the latest. Today, I have not really decided what we’ll find on. We’ll see what the day offers.

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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