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It is big fun to have such good feedback on my Music because I have worked so much to finally be able to show who I am as a songwriter and singer. I have often been receiving many nasty comments regarding my music and also in terms of my blog. This of people who have been the envy and of the people who honestly don’t like it as I do.

All people have the right to think what they want, and I have learned to distinguish between what is criticism from people who want to help and the criticism comes from jealous people. It is important to be able to take negative criticism to get better but it is also important to listen to yourself. Trust that what you are doing is great.

But I am free and safe in the music and in my blogging so it is something that I will always hold on to. Have a lot of Exciting Music going on right now and it feels absolutely wonderful 🙂 ..
You want more from me and it will come to you as soon as its clearly 🙂 . Many hugs from MinikeGirl 🙂

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