High Life

20170123_072819.jpgWhen you work with your blog and the computer begins to burn. You hear this hum from the computer constantly. In several weeks time moreover, while you sit and try to get Google and Facebook in a good mood. You will blockade a few times but still run in the order you want to spread your blog. There is a lot that you can do to appear better on the net and I’ve probably only learned the beginning I Think.

Because I’m still trying to figure out a good way to get my blog to appear so this one feels really exciting. It is not the one that takes you up the leaderboards that are of interest, but it is what broadens your horizons the most. It is interesting to choose different social media to be seen at. I am also studying how it works with that link among themselves.


 Where does a visitor go after that it really has visited a page where I have my music on?


Of course, I want my visitors to choose to move on to one of my other places here on the net. It is an eternal fight this but I have in all cases a common thread that I follow. As soon as I shall tie up the bag so it pops up new social media are so clear and then, I obviously want to develop and find the good way. It goes very up and down and all social media works not so good linkbetween the two. I’m trying to figure out which social media work best for linking my blog and my music best.


Do not be afraid to make use of the social media sites available. It is a real treasure trove only you have the strength to work with them.


Have it the Best My Listeners 🙂


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