IMG_20160329_194044Now have I sat down and structured my paper regarding my music. I have a song, as soon as is finished in the studio and ready to be released. Then I have 2 songs that are in the studio as it is done in the backgrounds. It’s another 7 songs that I am working with that will be sent to the studio. 4 of them are ready to do the backgrounds to the I’ll just present them for musikstudion. 3 pieces of songs should I put myself down and hone in on before they are sent to the studio.

There are a total of 10 songs that is being worked with right now, so it feels wonderful. 



It is exactly here that I want to work with several tracks at the same time. Now when I have structured it as far as my music making so there is more to it. My music now playing online at several different places and I’ll work out a good way so that it is possible to get a good structure in each of my songs is played. Then, I make it easier for me to be able to make sure that all my future songs will with all the different places.

There is a lot of work to structure everything, but it is important to do this. Otherwise, if you sit on the several years with lots of paper work. It is something that I will try to avoid at all costs. I also have this fine blog that I’m working with which is really fun. I also think that it is important to have good order on the blog. There have been many late nights when I sat and worked with my music and with my blog.


It is a privilege to work with the one that I love to work with and it makes me very happy. I am extremely grateful that I can finally do it as I do in the day. Big Thank you to You All who Believe in Me and who follow me on my journey through this life.


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  1. Så spännande med allt ditt arbete med musiken du håller på med. Tänkte ta mig tid innan jag somnar och lägga mig och lyssna på dina låtar på soundcloud.

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