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I ended up in an interesting conversation with one of my friends in the past. A friend of mine who has been through a lot over the last year. My friend is like me then we both are 2 people who say what we think and stand for our opinions. This means that we draw to us like-minded people, however, even those who have problems with the strong individuals. We are independent individuals and know what we want. 

Right now my friend is in a situation where people have chosen not to listen to the real truth about how it really is and has been. This text is taken from my friend’s facebook. 

A part of her thoughts about the whole thing: 



To think you know the truth by yest seeing one side of a story is absolut ignores, to see the truth you have to see the bigger picture and you have to see all the sides to the story, author wise you are only seeing what you want to and that isn’t always the real truth and it may not be the real truth but it is your’s and every one have right to there one reality as long as it doesn’t hurt any one. So next time you think you know it all and you think you have the hole truth, check an extra time you might find a spot were you didn’t check the first time because you taught you already hade the truth. You might be surprised of what you might find and you never know what you might find out about the storey you thought you knew all to well. That’s why you almost always do find something new and interesting when you go through your favorite move, book, comic (or whatever you are in to) things that you haven’t noticed before but you thought you knew all about it…

As you can see, this is only a small part of everything that has been going on and is still happening. My friend is struggling on a daily basis to get an authority to understand that the truth is within reach if they just choose to like to hear the truth. My friend’s fight in this entire time has been to get the authority to open their eyes to see the real reality. What is tragic in this is that this authority has chosen to only see a small part of a much larger perspective. 
There will be changes and everything is in a process. Had the authority chosen to listen from the beginning so many people had things been different today. People had not been so get the wrong treatment that they’ve actually been here.
In one of all these processes in this stage, by means of a legal process already received redress through they have seen to the truth. Now, through this  my friend can see the future as bright, however, she knows that it will take time. The day when everything is in order again is within reach.
My friend says that she thinks it is tragic and horrible to her the truth has got to come to their proper place in the past. She is very pleased that the agency finally had to take it as she says. Sad only that it had to go through a court of law.
This is the beginning of her vindication, and as I said only a small part of the bigger picture. 
We are many that stand behind my friend here, and we’re all willing to stand up for justice. Justice will prevail ! 
Thanks M.A for letting me share your journey through your struggle in the public world / MinikeGirl 

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