There are many people along the way who try to quench my ardor

Lovely with even a gourmet seafood dinner. It is so amazing food. Last night it was a seafood party. My son has just turned 10 years now in the days so he celebrated a little extra this time he turned even. He has also he shellfish gene hihi  😛 . Nice company with my son, and our finest friend. 

I’ll land a bit from all that has been now in the summer. Soon it is time for me to continue with my music. It will be fun and interesting.

There are many people along the way who try to quench my ardor, and they make it only stronger. There are few people that I trust right now. A part stabs me in the back quite heavily. Everyone does it in their own way and I’m just tired and disappointed today. I run on as usual and it’s probably what bothers some people. However, I can not expect everyone to understand me either. Often, they try to make their own mistakes invisible by letting me be the black sheep and the scapegoat that everyone throws shit at little how it fits.

You know, when it doesn’t matter what you do nothing is good enough. What I will always hold on to is that regardless of the speculation and dramaqueens so I will always do what is best for me. It is easy to be hateful when it feels like it never is good enough. Never forget that it is your path and that it is you who can decide over it. I know what is best for me.

So thanks to all of you that I can rely on you guys are the best !

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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