My New Song Will Be Released Soon :)

Yesterday I sat up late and worked on my computer. I have sent out one of my new songs to be released soon. Feels absolutely wonderful and there is a song in Swedish called the:   Änglarna Beundrar    (Angels Admire )      _20170706_071513 (1)

I like to be able to be free in my music making and to be able to make songs in both Swedish and English.


During this day, there have been some continued work with my own business. There is much to do, so I try to distribute it as good as I can. But since it was late yesterday so it took some time for me to wake up to today. I did everything that I had planned to do yesterday in all the cases, so it is exactly as I want it.
It always feels really nice when I is in phase with everything I want to do and it feels good now when it is according to my plans. I am even a little ahead of my plans regarding some stuff but I have other things that I can do.
Since I have been working a part with manual labor today, so it felt like it was time to make a good supper. It got to be fresh pasta with seafood. Think it was really good and I love the fine colors in which food consisted of. It was simple and easy to prepare for it is almost only to stir everything together 😛 20170709_185540.JPG
Hope you have the best all my lovely listeners and readers
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  🙂 

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