Slept 14 Hours :)

Then I slept 14 hours and still trying to wake up here. Yesterday when I would go to my car after my work so I was forced to put me down for a while because I was so sensitive to light. It was overcast outside, but I acted like it was bright sunlight straight into my eyes as I tried to hide myself for the sunlight. So, it is to be me then it could be such this stuff that will both appear slowely and also acute. I had not pain in the head and I was not stressed. Felt really good for the other. When I finally taken me to my car so it was her sunglasses on and it was so liberating. This also happened a week late but then it was not as awkward as this was. This was so that I could barely walk to my car. Now I’m free today and I slept 14 hours. It feels good. 2 weeks ago I started to take some extra vitamins, and it is the only thing that I have added to the body extra, and it is then that the light sensitivity started. I’m pretty sure that I have reached a good level. I drink coffee in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon but it is not so often. It is also the coffee that I drank around lunch time that also asked for it yesterday. It remains to check now is if this would occur then I do not eat vitamins and when I go back to not drinking coffee at lunch time but that just drink coffee in the morning. I am always sure to have a good eye when I bring something new 😛 screenshot_2017-07-02-11-00-11.jpg

Today I am going to work a little bit with the computer, and I will rest. The day becomes as it gets and it will be good so clear 😀

Have a new song at the time as I am soon to send off to be released and here is my existing songs :

Take care of each other and yourselves
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛

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