My Son Turned 9 Years Old Yesterday :)

Overjoyed Mother

My son turned 9 years old yesterday, which was celebrated with a day on a secret outing. We had it very cozy. I had chosen a good path so that my son could have something to watch during our little trip. It was so much fun he fell asleep after 5 minutes after we had begun to drive. It resulted after when we had eaten at the restaurant so he became more alert and more energetic. We ate chicken and then had coffee in a café. Went and talked about life and people and about ourselves. It was a lovely day 😛 .  I am  

My son has done so much in the summer and been on so many activities. He has been abroad many times in his life and got to do so much. It makes me so happy as a mother that I truly have been able to arrange everything so well for us that my son get to explore the world in this way. My son is my biggest motivation and he is the person who allowed me to do everything that I do today. It is he who makes me feel alive. We have a great relationship and we are a good team. We are  a family that has many deep discussions.

Gave my son a mobile when he was old enough and it is because he is good at technology and I think it is important that he must keep up with developments. I have told him how to deal with the internet and that I should always know what he is doing on the Net before he is older. But it is important that he gets to explore with regarding this for I see that he has good skills already. To let my son develop within the how to use a computer and how to use a mobile is very positive. My son has a lot of knowledge in this that I can’t.

He has me as a mother who has internet as my workplace, and I teach him from the beginning. I teach him that there are people who may not always write so nice things about me on the net. I teach him that I seen and heard a lot on the net. That he should always come to me if there is something he is wondering about. If someone says something about my music that he does not agree with. Someone may have comments about my blog and about me. I teach my son that people will always find a lot of different things on a lot.

The most important thing is that you know deep inside that it is good as it is. My son, when the strong in himself and he has very much empathy when it comes to other people. My son is very smart. It’s that I work with is to strengthen his comprehension when it comes to various limits. I know how it is to live with empathy and how some people have used my kindness through the years. Then how some people disappear and pulls away when they no longer can get things, ex money of you. Empathy is about so much more. Empathy is something else. It is when you have a lot of empathy and want to help other people who are there are the people who make use of your goodness. I promise you that once you stop giving things and money to clear the people of their own accord from your life. It is therefore important to set limits and that is what I teach my son.


I have not always made the smartest choices in my life but I knew that day that it is time to change a thing. Change for the better and it is not to be egoistic, but it is to focus on his own family. Focus and care about the people who care about me as a person. As the friends pay the note every other time and petrol money is sound when it comes to money. You give and take and helping each other in everyday life with everything what it can mean.

It’s not about the money and those who pulls away when you put the limits help only got me to really see where I want to put my energy in the future. In recent times I have helped other people in different everyday events that occurred. Then in the middle of everything, I get back lots of things that I need. It gives and takes in a healthy way, where everything goes around. I get back where I don’t even reflected over that I wanted to have it when I helped other people. It is what it is best to have the right people around you.

 dsc_0017-1386874588.jpgBought a couple of very nice curtains yesterday that I’ll fix that up in the right place. It will be as I have thought, so it will probably up a picture of the result. I’m not a star to put up curtains so haha I promise nothing. It is I who happen to snatch down a curtain rod and everything when I just should correct to an existing curtain that is in Place haha 😛 
In the meantime, now that I write this blog post, I get a message that the accessories for my son’s new mobile phone has arrived. He will be so happy tonight when he can start using his first mobile 😛 
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😛 


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