Now-a-days, you have not a chance that I will love you if I have decided that I don’t want to.


Have had a big nice and cosy weekend now, with many fun events. My son has played football and played games with his buddies. We have met the near and dear and I have gotten help with many things that I wanted to get on here at home. Haha 😛  it was I who started a further project now in the weekend as there was so much done. Really need to have some days now when there is so much happening but a few days with less to do. It is I who puts up the borders and I can be tough on myself to reach where I want to. When I see it all the time going to reach my set targets, it is given me to continue. It gets me all the time like a little more and it allowed me to constantly upgrade myself. Become stronger and more confident in it as I already can and to dare to learn new things are good challenges for me. Many people who complain about me for many different reasons, are often the people who do not know what they are. They wouldn’t dare it as I actually dare to. I am not an easy opponent because I have so many sides and emotions. To battle against myself is and will always be for me the most worthy opponent I will ever face. The people who think that they have been able to break me down have not done it, but it has been based on that I have enjoyed them. The people who go around and think that they have the ability to break down me don’t have the ability. It is my strong ability to love other people who have been released into these people in depth, and hence made me very vulnerable.

Now-a-days, you have not a chance that I will love you if I have decided that I don’t want to. It stops there for I will choose carefully the people I love. It means that I can control my emotions in a completely different way than in the past. When I love other people, I do it ruthlessly, and that’s why you feel in the whole room if I like  you. Then I like you as a person, but had I loved you so, had you known it million times stronger. I don’t have some feelings for you at all, it is the other way. I is medial and this is why I can be very emotional and have a lot of feelings.Feel strongly what others are feeling and experiencing. Life and death go through me for I am a kind of portal for everything and I’m a link and I can open and close the links. Something that I’ve mastered skillfully. It is not any stranger for me than you maybe really good at math which I am not. Perhaps you are afraid of stuff like this that is all about energies and spirits, while I can get a panic in a shop for that there is too much stuff there. When I’m tired and just want to escape from there to something more quiet place. To a place where you would probably have a panic if you saw a lot of spirits and energies but in a place where I would become completely peaceful and be totally relaxed.

We are different and stuff that you pass by in everyday life, which I think is a big stressful as you do not even reflect upon can destroy an entire day for me. One day, it is not at all stressful for me and the other day it is completely panic-stricken. But it is enough divided so that since I have the other that I’m not afraid at all, and you, possibly, it is, so it still feels good, and fair  😛 .Right now, I have the need to buy clothes online because I need some new clothes. But I don’t have the ability to focus on online shopping right now. It is what I mean by saying that we have all people of different abilities and they can be different strengths from day to day. Sometimes I have the focus to go through 12 thousand different garments and choose out about 5 of them and buy 3 but not today  😛 

But when it comes to the people I should love, it is an ability that all the time is strong. 

Take Care Of Each Other  😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n

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