Emma Plithammar Made Me Do This :)


Haha 😛  it was so long ago that I did like this face mask and it is seen really for I have not quite the talent to put it nicely. But it is what it is best here you do not need to be anything professional. Think it feels good and it’s the main thing. I have also been using a toothpaste now on the latest which is absolutely superb and magical, for it has removed all the discoloration from my teeth. I drink so much coffee, which has ruined my teeth’s natural shade. The toothpaste I use has saved me. in connection with the fact that I was the second so I bought a lipgloss that is the top. I’m a star in the to use lipgloss because it was always a ”must ” when I was younger. So it is important for me that it is good products. I work a lot in front of the computer and also have a imbalance in my thyroid that I need to constantly take care of my skin. It is also important for me to give myself a day like this then I just may be. 


It was by pure chance that I found this girl that sells these products on my facebook : https://www.facebook.com/emma.pilthammar?fref=ts

I found a group on facebook where I also found all these awesome beauty products: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1405116009524489/?fref=ts        Talk to Emma if you want to get in her group on Facebook  😛


It is time for me to wash away this awesome face mask now and continue to work on

Have the best all my lovely listeners and readers 

Take care of each other  😛 


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