Pure Survival Instinct

Soon it is time for me to record on my next song and it will be really fun, It is a song in Swedish, and I did almost finished the cover yesterday. It is cool that I do the covers myself, for it is something that I did not think was so simply that I, in the beginning. Most of it is probably because I lack patience when it comes to stuff like that. Rather have done them yourself than to be someone who is professionals. It’s fun to dare to be creative in areas that are new to me. I don’t even have to wait on other people to do the covers. 


I Think that it is much easier to have as few people involved in my creativity.So it is lovely and very promotion to control all by yourself. Then there is my Webmaster and my MusicProducer who are the ones who stand me the closest regarding my creativity. They are people who understand me and respect me as a person. They understand often how I think, which few people do. They know that my motivations are strong and they give advice and tips but always say that it is I who decide in the end. I also ask them what they think is best  😛 


It is a fact that I expose my soul through my music and through my blog. It has not always been the case that I have been in such good contact with my soul and with my feelings. Some periods I have been so jaded that I have not known anything at all. Other times, I have felt everything I can feel and everything has been helter-skelter. I have lived in periods where I have closed off all my emotions as pure survival instinct. So I have not always been here, it has been a long and tough journey for me. 

I work every day with myself to all the time be close to my feelings. I can at the same time that I am completely uncaring, in a case know how much of that time in another case. It is when my energy runs out that I can’t keep everything in balance and it is then that I fall together. The blog and my music are very important building blocks for me. It also means that I and my son can live as we do. Working from home as I do means that I can decide my working hours, which will be many hours of the day. 


Yesterday, I cooked really good food. Scallops with seafoodmix. Fantastic good  😛 . Yummy with all these lovely tomatoes in the spices and cream. 
Have the best my wonderful listeners, and readers  😛 
Take Care Of Each Other  
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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