Overjoyed Mother – Soon out for Release

Overjoyed Mother

Feels really fun now since I have 2 of my songs uploads to be released soon. One song will probably be released any day now. A further third song worked with in the studio to make any musical background to. I have more songs that are on the tour.

Feel that my body has recovered well after my workout so it is just to continue. Yesterday I happened to be poking me in one eye after I had my finger  on a Habanero, it has the strong level 10 . This burned badly and I had to take and rinse the eye with saline. Fortunately I have the lenses so it was without of the lens. It was very clumsy of me 😛 

Then I tried to  save a poor butterfly stuck in a spider web but when I had the loss of the butterfly so I thought it looked strange. Floundering weird. It was unfortunately damaged. When I looked a moment at the butterfly, which I had intended to save so I see it as floundering on the was a big spider. It ended up that I had killed the two. Felt right, then the butterfly was damaged and the spider ate and gave the butterfly the poison.

Nature’s time had been better where it feels like 😀 
My next songs are :  Overjoyed Mother
Skyddad Adress


As you can see, there is a song in Swedish also where I try to get on the Hip hop/Rap. Just new to the genre but the song came in my head like a Hip hop/Rap song and then it will be.
Now I will continue with my Music

Have the best my lovely listeners and readers 😀

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀

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