14 New pictures on my INSTAGRAM :)

Big fun that it already is so many of you who have been inside and seen my 14 new photos on my Instagram. It is not so easy to stand still and be able to find good ways to act but it is fun to try. I am not someone who is used to neither be in the photo or video. But I think it is fun with pictures and I are fortunate enough to know good photographers. Patience and being resourceful works well and the collaboration with the photographer. There are certainly guidelines as to what to use for the filter and stuff when you put up cards on various sites. But I’m not knowledgeable on this but take it as I want simply. The main thing, I think it is fun to mix and spin. That is why it will come very different pictures from me. 
Preparing my own business now for the summer then I’ll work on my other work. Think it is good to be out in good time concerning all things necessary for me to be able to reach my future goals. There has been a break in all things, and it has many reasons why it has been as it has been. I stayed aware of everything that is not of the highest priority. The most important thing is that I took care of the basics in my everyday life.
Ran a reboot and is now beginning to start up myself 😛
The time before the summer will be wonderful and the summer will be lovely. Hope of course for good weather so you can be out in the sun. Today I remain a part with my own business to work with, so it will be very interesting. 
Take Care Of Each Other 😛 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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