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Overjoyed Mother

Overjoyed MotherThe big breakthrough for me is that I now finally have the joy to be able to let you listen to my new song. It is a song that I have written to my son. Is all about my Love for my son Damien. We have such a strong bond and my son is the only blood relation that I know of. Our family is strong and we have a nice relationship where we can talk about everything  most of the time. Both two have many thoughts and concerns about a lot and it contributes to many delightful conversation and a lot of humour. My son is an energetic and happy and a very smart guy. Outgoing and social. He is very empathetic and cares a lot about other people. 


Much has happened in our family and we can also talk about more serious things. It is important that my son get an honest picture of the reality. I write many songs and I sit down and explain to my son about what each song is about because I think it is my responsibility and that the information is coming directly from me. My next song that ex Protected Address have many words about my previous reality. 

I wrote it when I lived in a traumatic reality everyday. I had panic and I somehow had to get to process what has happened. I process a lot through my music.
But this song is about my son, who is the person who has gotten me every day how hard everything than have may been to go up out of the bed. So no matter what has happened in the past and what my songs are about, all involved parties agreed that Damien should have as good a Future as possible. 

Overjoyed Mother :



A thousand Thanks to All of You who Listen to My Music and Read my blog 😀 
Many Hugs and Love From MinikeGirl 😀 

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