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A lot of work as usual but it feels so inspiring and fun everything. When I’m not writing blog posts or working on my music so it is a lot of work behind the scenes which are made all the time. This is for it to be as good as possible and even though I have my Webmaster so I am with in every process that is done. I hope that my next song is released soon, for it is in Swedish and is called the Protected address Skyddad Adress.

I write many different songs and will soon begin to focus on the additional songs I should do.
Hold on and wait for myself some there has been a lot in the past and has not calmed down is that it is all the time raised a lot of new things that has made everything take longer. Therefore, I only need to be right now and not have too much stress around me. If you do not take care of yourself when it is like this so it can happen that you do not come out of your situation, and it think not, I allow that it becomes so.
Have spent very much time thinking about how I want it in the future with everything. It is important that I get to act and control everything on my terms and it is important that I not be disturbed in my way to manage my choices. It is important to see how far I have come and what a journey I have done, instead of complaining and think I should do more all the time. It is most important that I run in my pace as usual 😀 

A thousand Thanks for all the Nice messages about my song Overjoyed Mother it pleases me tremendously :

Have a Lovely Day all my Lovely People 😛 
Many Hugs from Minikegirl 😛 

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