IMG_20160329_194044  Today, I’ve worked in psychiatry and tomorrow  I’ll be working with my music. I’m working on the next new song, so it feels really fun. So it’s soon time to sleep here, for me. This week I have trained, worked on my work and made music. When I have worked with the music tomorrow  I’ll try to rest 🙂 ……

I need a lot of rest when I’m working on so many things. Sleep is extremely important both to cope and to be able to be so effective. I feel the best when I have many projects running and when I can balance them well. I am very purposeful and structured and it will be even more when I see that I achieve the goals that I have. It is important for me to have an outlet for my feelings in all my projects. I love to be creative and free.

It happens that I need to sleep about 14 hours at a stretch sometimes, and when I do it. Many people find that when should I take it a bit slower when I work as I do. But I often have only about 3-4 hours then I can be most focused and structured in one day. It has taught me that when I am spirited so is it just to run. It has taught me to try to figure out in advance when I will be most alert in the day and when it is the right time for an activity.

Many think that you should not reflect too much when you are tired but I don’t have time to wait it out myself all the time. I needed to reflect lots to be able to be who I am today and doing what I’m doing. Otherwise I feel imprisoned in myself. A good planning allows me to live and do what I want to do and I get it as I want to get done finished.

 Hope you have a nice weekend my lovely listeners 🙂

Sleep Well  and Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs  MinikeGirl 🙂


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