They themselves had need to be nasty

At the same time as it goes a lot of energy right now so I have time to gather new energy in a good way. I feel that it has become much better with the whole everyday life, then I started to work from home. When I am focusing me on what works altogether. It has been and felt like an eternal struggle so I had to do something, and it has been great. I can proudly say that I have achieved what I have strived for. I have a new goal to chase and I’ve become stronger in many ways. I am the one who I was before within me but I have developed and I have renewed myself. I got tired of constantly being questioned if I managed to live in a society and a system which is generally adapted in general for people to fit in. What happened was that I started a private society and a world where I surround myself with people who think and more who I am. We are also available, and even though society forget it, so do we. I didn’t like to be mistreated when I was already in a vulnerable situation. I got tired of meeting people that did not understand and where I had to try to get them to understand. Those who are not doing his work and then questioned me because they themselves are not doing work. When a single sought the extra security in everyday life. When was sick and still got questioned. I felt that it was time to stop talking about my life to these cold-hearted people. The whole time I thought that my journey would be much better. Today, everything is better because I have chosen people who I don’t respect me. Those who knew so much better, and which is still standing in the same spot and stomping. Those who refused to listen when I was in a vulnerable situation. They themselves had need to be nasty.

The people who made the choice to not listen and to make things much worse for me when I told them my story, I don’t do something about it. They are sad and tragic people who press down and which also exploits its position of power. What I do know so many work do not remain on their positions of power by those who treated me badly. I have a different kind of power and it is that I am liked by many people. It happens after a meeting where I have been mistreated is that you did wrong is not go out from the meeting as a winner. I may be upset and angry but I am here to stay. There is nothing that you can do about it. Your subject who worked under you was with you and lied about your behavior. Said you had not said what you had said. We all know the 3 who sat in the meeting what was said. We know all of them that you only received support from your colleague, because you were her manager at the time. Because I am a girl who goes on so I can live with what happened. 

There are many thoughts as I walk around and think about right now and that is why I clear out a little bit here on the blog. It feels nice to be able to do a final cleanup of what I have just written about. For after a few years when it has become so stupid in that meeting so I had to redress. I got very good contact with a person who understood my situation. Who took the time to try to do the best for my son and me. It is what  she and her whole staff did and still doing is an absolutely fantastic work, and I feel confident. They are real everyday heroes. So after everything that happened in the past so have these people really given me new hope for the future. I got the time that I needed and there was no weirdness and life is good. Everyday life has become very good and I am not asking for too much. We people have different periods in life where we need that little extra. Despite previous bad experiences of asking for that little extra to get a better life so I made it for my son’s sake. That is what a good parent does.  

I have written and thanked the headmaster at my son’s school and the people who work there know that I am so grateful to them for their work at the school every day. I say what I think and whether it is good or bad, it spreads my words faster than the wind. Not only through internet but due to the lovely crow  😈 

My words spread also in my music, and soon so will the new music from me. You may hold out a bit to  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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