Sing Along Just Do It :)

Well I’m not directly any shorts person, that you can see here in the picture. My arm has been in the sun but not my legs. Would be happy to have shorts when sometimes but bruised one of my legs the other day so I don’t want to have it wounded more in the sun now either. It has been a glorious weekend with a touch of everything.

Wonderful that it has been so hot and sunny the whole weekend. Many have been swimming this weekend. Here i’ve been grilling, with lots of delicious food and I have gone walking.

When I sit and work this much as I do with the computer and the internet, I learn very much about how the internet works. I can more and more effectively use the time to work with it as I want to do. I get all the time new ideas and thoughts on how I should further develop everything that I work with. It is so exciting but it is really a lot of work behind. I like that all the time to see different possibilities. The coolest thing is that I feel that I just is in the beginning to build up all. It will probably always be so for there is always something to do with my music and with my blog. It is liberating to be able to live in a real virtual world that’s true. It feels absolutely incredibly wonderful that I have found a platform where I can be and get out my creativity. This is one of the things that I’ve been looking for all my life. 

It is easier to accept that I can have little bit more difficult for some everyday things that most people have. When I stand and my brain can’t figure out something, witch for many other people is a simple mathematics speech so it does not feel hard anymore.

When I’m not stressed so I can do very much things and have many balls in the air. It’s all about having balance in everything which is a recurrent fact.
So when I stand and ask about the easiest stuff that you think is so simple, it might not easy for me when I ask. It may seem that I’m insecure but I know how I tick and I am sure that things will become right. So my science in how I work and my ambition in that I want things to be right can be perceived slightly different by other people.

It may be that it seems like I am taking a simple way through that question things that I Always ask about.

It may seem like I am insecure and do not dare to trust myself. It is just the opposite. I trust myself but I also know that if I get some help with the ”simplest ” little things so my balance will be more whole.

When it hangs and I get a little blocked and paralysed so I tend to accept that it is so. Other people may like to think that I’m not capable of ”simple stuff” as they always can. I know other things they can’t and I’m proud of it as I can. I am proud of what I do. The problem before was always that I felt that all the others could so much more than what I could. They could so much more.

When everyday life becomes a life where the only is to watch and do as all the others and it is precisely that which was difficult so taking it stops there for many people.
It become a vicious circle and many people feel terribly bad about to feel that : Why can and understand all of the others here but not me ?
But I can sing well don’t go around and sing and say to other people listen and mimic me : It is just to listen and sing along.
As hard as many of you would have to ex sing as I can.
I have with many of the everyday stuff that you think is so easy that you not even consider that it ex /
  • simple mental arithmetic
  • go and shop
  • have the energy for a whole day
  • able to do all of these small everyday stuff which takes a lot of energy if it is not planned well

It is really good for the people who can cope and actually thrive with the living on their way. I was forced in a way to live as I live today, but now I enjoy it. I accept how it is. Just keep in mind that we are all different and we can different things. I don’t sit with my hands in the cross and never want to learn anything new, but I’m trying and interested in learning new things. But I also know my limitations. Instead of not having tried, so I always want to try and give most things a chance.

My strengths works best when I get some time to sort new impressions and routines. I would like to work more enhanced in the everyday lives of ordinary people in the future. I have so many everyday tricks, and I am very good at structuring up and see what works together and not. This not is not of importance always. It is a part. I will come back more with this subject in the future. I’m a kind of template regarding this and I need somehow to develop my thinking and come up with something, a good way to be able to teach it in practice to other people.

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 


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