IMG_4190Yesterday me  and my Webmaster arranged with my blog. I think it was really good. It’s fun to be able to do a little extra stuff on the blog so it will be as you want it. You may test simply and will be ready to figure out a lot about how to do. I have many different proposals and it is good to be able to talk to someone who can. So you see that there are some new things here on the blog. But we continuously keep on working for some good features. That is what’s so great working with my Webmaster as today was in the time before I myself had started to come.

Then it will be much made and you get good energy from each other. 

 Today there are a lot of preparation because I have my next song to be released soon. I am already inside of it that I’ll be working with next, so it floats on as it should. It is very different contrasts on all of my songs and I love it. The one that will be released soon, will be different from the songs that come afterwards. So it is perfectly in order and as usual.


 Usually nice for the first time with new links on a blogportal for the honeymoon. This is for that then you have a new tasty links to work with. Then one may study how to work with them and correct what needed to be corrected. I like to clear the decks and focus on what is relevant to focus on.


I love to blog but also my music, which I love tinkering with. Therefore, it feels extra fun now to get on the blog that I have been given.


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 


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  1. Well I think we got a lot done today, music and videos links now, also a lot of behind the scenes fixes

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