Wonderful Parrot and Peaceful Weekend


It is a lovely and peaceful weekend with my son and with my most wonderful friends. We are like a big family and there is so much love that I am extremely grateful for. Also got a stronger bond to a new friend yesterday which feels awesome and it warms my soul so much. Imagine what wonderful parrots can be and also very stubborn. Hihi just like I am 😛 Will continue this Saturday with structuring up some stuff so it will be a little more order. It is easy to I write down my thoughts on paper to remember them but they will not help if they are not taken care of then. It is so that I get done what I want to get done.

 I have a new album cover to make for my next  song write lyrics and structure them up go to the studio and sing into one of my new upcoming songs

These points are only a small part of all that I have to work with in the future but I like to work with many things at the same time. It works great when I get to work alone and add up how I should use my time. It is then I make the best work and are at a good balanced enerigi level. Often get told by other people that I have good self-discipline and that I know exactly how I operate. I agree with what others say about me at the same time I think that I am constantly evolving in just to teach me further in how I work. How I think and feel there is a long history, so that we take another time. But I have trained and worked to be able to have the structure that I have today. I feel good to live as I do so structured but so liberating.

A thousand Thanks To All of You who Listen to my Music and follow me MinikeGirl here on my blog 😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 😀 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀

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