Smart not to awaken the demons inside of me :)

The week that has been was a little different than previous weeks. This is nothing that will not be corrected. I have been sleeping really good tonight and it is a new day today. I am accustomed to, it can happen things that make the plans changed. That said, is there anyone who can restructure their plans so it is me. 

I am very experienced and I have a lot of experience of life. I know people in all different categories. I work with the most people and I respect other people’s differences. It is exciting that we are different because we can learn so much about each other if we just learn to respect each other. Be a good role model for our children. Support each other when it happens like that that may not happen and it happens anyway. It is thanks to all the support that I have received now last week in a few things that get me to be quiet. When the other adults and the authorities go in and take it over to be corrected and allows me to work with myself. When it happens the kind of thing that starts me properly and raises the devil in me so it is exactly as it should go to. I get my time to work with myself to restrain myself and I get good distance to the different event that can occur. I have been quiet for so many years now and it is smart not to awaken the demons inside of me.

I am therefore very grateful for how the last situation is handled. I myself can take care of it is most important to me. Many know how I am and what I can do and that’s lucky that I know it myself. Despite the fact that life was as it was and I live in the situation as I do today, I’ve learned so much. I lived with people who were very different in their personalities. I lived with those who actually taught me to stand up for every member of the family when anything happens. I have learned so many invisible rules, and I have learned so much of who I lived with. Everything is on the good and evil that means that I can act in many different ways. I know what works and what does not. Why it feels so good now when I can simply choose to have a good weekend  🙂 

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl

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