I am as tall as the handles on my machine :)

Yesterday, I got started with my training on my machine and I drove in the heaviest, as usual, despite my little hiatus. It felt good and it felt that the body needed to it properly. So now, I shall continue to try to keep so that it will not be a break now for a while. 

I am as tall as the handles on my machine as you can see goes up on the picture  😈 

Yesterday I continued also to check on a series that I started to look at. It feels like I’m starting to be able to focus on what I do on a daily basis and that I can add to this as to see on some series. It is, of course, that I would like to have it when it works. Otherwise, do I need to remove some for it to work and the blog and my music will always go before to see movies and series. Now I have started my training too, so I hope that this is going to work. It is about prioritising the right so that it becomes like I want to have it.

I want to work out a daily life now so that I simply get a good speed on the priority existing /

  • Music
  • Blog
  • My Training
  • Break the everyday life a bit of a rest from everything and try to look at any series and the occasional movie 

I am also a single mother on a full time basis so that this feels like a really good plan. It is important to constantly strive forward, while it is important to live in the here and now.

Now I will soon work out so I am keeping it as I have planned hihi ! 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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