Spoilsport There Are Plenty



You are probably many who have also been in those places and those times in your life when you have lost motivation. This may involve individual interests and different motivations that are in some way disappear. It is quite normal that it becomes so for it goes in waves everything this with incentives and motivation. I can take this whole thing with how it works. I can deal with it better if it is me that has caused this. I know what I’m getting myself into on the way.

It is controlled and I do it when I want to evolve as a person and to be able to reach the goals that I have set up. It is not surprising that you run out of energy and need to rest. This rest destroyed by those who do not understand then it is more difficult everything is and it takes a longer time for me to get new forces. There is much anger and frustration at being interrupted in my own reconstruction. I know what I should prioritize.It is dangerous to break the pattern that I have especially when I have given all that I have. Then there is nothing left and then I get to collect my energy. It is also not good to carp down on it as I have worked with, and that I put my energy on. Don’t forget that after each time I become stronger and it is so ugly to kick me when I’m working with myself. It is inhuman to think they know the best when you don’t know anything.

It is embarrassing and unintelligent to tell me that what I am fighting for is not of value. It is idiotic to believe that behavior like this does not affect me negatively. It is a shame that the first to mock me in my work with myself and then mock me for it takes a longer time for me to get new energy. It is tragic that the man is the reason that a person has more difficult to get new energy and then complain that I’m not doing anything. I take hold of every little detail in it that arise and I am working forward all the time. It is what is the difference of the processing and work on yourself all the time and they never do it. There is a difference in what you prioritize in life whether it is pure survival or if there are common concerns. For me it is survival and for some, their everyday worries me. It is laughable but it has not worked on youself so is that not easy.

People land and see reality as it is, when something happens that affects their daily lives in a way where their whole world can fall together. When their world is exposed. Then wake up people. That is the difference, I am awake all the time and I live in the here and now and not in a pretend world. So don’t come and tell me about what is important to prioritize. Don’t come and question why I am tired and not doing something when you yourselves are a big part of the problem. You understand that outside of your perfect glass bubble, so there are people like me who have to prioritize differently. Does not bother me in this. Can honestly tell you that I am tired and that this will take time. I challenged myself and I worked throughout the nights with me the music and with my blog.

It went really good, but how long was I to know?
Just thought I’d tell you that this was the last time that anyone gets in my way. It is the last time that any carping down on it as I do. Now, apparently, everything is calm and everyday life is restored but the I then?
I’m really tired and don’t have the motivation to anything but that does not stop me at all. On the contrary, I am a warrior and have been here before many times.
Collect as I said energy 😀
Spoilsport, there are plenty, but do not forget that you are stronger !
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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