Determined Woman


Have always loved the sea it is so peaceful. Great that summer is on the way now heating and I need sunlight. I have a little cold today, otherwise it is good. Will work with my computer today for a while but then it gets to be rest so I recover as good as me. It is easy to be too eager when you start to feel more energetic. Important is to still be able to take a small walk to get some fresh air. I like to be where it is quiet and not stressful. At the same time I also like it when it happens stuff but it should be at a healthy level. When I notice that it gets to be too much of something so I stop time I think about the future. Long-term think is good so I can’t throw away everything I have worked for in a day. It doesn’t have to happen everything in a day but it is good to be able to reason healthy and split things. When I have lots of energy so I can often do more things than many other people during a whole day but it does not mean that it is so every day and we are all different. We are, and works the same but we are still different. It is fine with us people. But there can also be conflict in that people actually forget this.

It is important to learn to listen to yourself and in the people who understand. Important to accept that other people may not always understand but it should only do to a certain limit. Many do not know where opinions and action are adjacent and it is then there may be disputes of various kinds.
Have noticed many changes since it started to go well for me, both in terms of my blog and my music. Many people that I know have recently behaved a little differently. Seems many are happy for my sake, yet not in any way. Many would say that it is about envy and for that I am the one who has changed. I am doing what I dream about doing but many seem to forget that there are really a lot of work. I get a sort of reminder to others not to do what they want. It is not my responsibility to get other people to follow their dreams, it is up to each one. I want to be a reminder that it is possible. It feels like it instead has become a reminder that some people do not do what they really want to. Think it is sad for I will not let go of my dreams for someone or something.
I am a stubborn and determined woman, as you already know, and I am determined in what I intend to do 😛 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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