There are so many of my friends who I want to meet and will meet now in the nearest time :)

20170814_104642.JPGWonderful start on the day with good food like I did last night and wild strawberriecandy  and coffee. It can’t get better for about a couple of hours so I’m off to my work. I have booked into the next time in musicstudio for the next recording of my upcoming song. Feels really fun and exciting as always. I’m probably like this positive and happy today, for I decided one thing yesterday. Sometimes, it is wonderful to wake up and know that you have taken the right decision. Really a decision that will make that I will have so much more energy now in the future. I don’t actually have time and energy for some people. Sometimes as a priority I, other people in a way that takes a lot of energy that I care about them. I have really seen the advantages and disadvantages of this now in recent times so therefore I have taken a decision. I always have a choice and instead of wasting more time and effort where it does not seem to be needed so I need not be there more. It has gone so far that I do not want to simply. I continue to do what makes my family to have the good for the first go. The money I earn today will be added in the Mother and Son Adventure Checkout. 

I have not decided yet what we will do, I and my son, when given the chance. It was so incredibly successful when we went and visited one of my closest friends one summer. It was to Gothenburg, Varberg, Halmstad and many other fine places. The trip was so wonderful and we had it so nice with my friend. One of the best trips always. Now my friend is in a different location and we have said that we should try to be seen soon. It is a nice friend I have and we have known each other for so long so her I miss lots. 

There are so many of my friends who I want to meet and will meet now in the nearest time. First it is me and my son to find something exciting  😛 

I love to plan so it will be good how I do. It will be incredibly fun to go somewhere with my son. It will be so wonderful to meet many of my friends again soon  😛 

Now I’m going to plan ahead here and drink up my coffee hihi  😀 screenshot_2017-05-20-22-17-57.jpg

Take care of each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 


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