When I buy on a large scale so they usually close the cashier that I shop in Haha :)

20170505_123824.jpgToday, I sit and plan what I’m going to shop for food. It is time for me to shop much food now again. It is a project in itself, but I think it feels so good when I have been home it needed. Now in the summer so it has become that I have acted more often. Because my thyroid does not been so good, it has also meant that I had various different symptoms. My hormones have become so much worse now in the last year, and it is approximately 1 week on each month that I feel completely okay. It is a big change for me but it is good anyway. It’s just a bit scary when it shows up symptoms that I had earlier. Now I feel that, despite everything going in the right direction again. It is so important with what I eat. Sometimes I can eat something that knocks out my levaxin and my values and it is then that the symptoms will. I can go from not being hungry to be there in less than a second. So I have to find little tricks applicable to always try to have a good balance  😛 May think healthy and look at the clock when I should eat something when I am not at all hungry and I get to think sometimes that this is a moderate portion. Some days I eat more than a full-grown lumberjack haha and other days I get barely in me any food. But if you spread out my food intake on the number of days in a month, so I’m at a good level. I have good values and a very strong heart and feel good. So I’m good anyway to have a good balance. A good balance of current this requires a lot of discipline and hard work.

So now when I write my long shopping list of everything I should be, so I start from to get home with healthy food. But healthy food to better use if I practice of course. Everything hangs together  😛 img_20170510_085134.jpg

A tip if it is a little difficult to think of what that will be traded is to go to the shop that you intend to shop in and write your shopping list on the spot. Then you go back to the shop. This can be cumbersome and feel like an extra thing for many but it can also facilitate. Do what feels easiest for you. It is the most important. It is easy to also go online and see what the grocery store has for the range if it is difficult to come up with something good. When I buy on a large scale so they usually close the cashier that I shop in because I buy so much. It is also, of course, so that I’m not the best at to put the goods in the right direction. My energy is not so high when I get to the cashier and thinking activity relevant to add the 5 articles the right can take all of the thinking sometimes. Imagine, then, how it will be when I buy on a large scale for the 4-5 thousand bucks haha  😛 

Now, I shall continue to write on my shopping list this wonderful Tuesday. Have some other things I want to do today, so I take each day as it comes, simply.


Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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