Wonderful that I finally made the final decision :)

20170528_093826.jpgMy summer has been really fantastic and I have had time with it as I have had the goal to catch. There has been so much impression has been good and there have also been some other private that has not been so good. But I have a choice, and I’m sitting right now in some thoughts about how I’ll do with this that has been less good. I have the choice to be able to choose a much better behavior than how I’ve felt lately that’s been extremely hard for me. But I have the choice not to feel like this again and I should not hesitate for I am much stronger than this. It is not always as you have thought, with different ideas and thoughts and it is so it always will be.

What would be gains without losses? It is life, not do as I want and it is there that I can not help. It is one of my strongest and greatest strengths to never give up whatever happens. Sometimes, this is not my choice whether to give up but to let go. I do it for the future to be as good as possible. I do it to be able to create a good future. much stronger than this.  There have been so many times that I really thought that these people will always be at my side, and I for them in the rest of my life. But I have many times been hurt and disappointed and then take this step in not having them in my life journey simply.

It is sad at first, but then I see that the future is bright even without these people. Why I didn’t just break the contact with some people, it is enough that I still hope that maybe it can be like before again. Sometimes, it is much better to himself break the contact. I have really been thinking so much all summer and I have made my choice. It goes so well for me right now and I really have the most wonderful friends around me. It is amazing the people that I know and there is so much love.

Yesterday one of my friends came to my home and today I have talked with some of my other friends. Think that the summer has been really good. I am so glad that I am pushing myself in spite of setbacks to take me on. Indeed I have succeeded so many times. I’m doing it again, and it feels good despite the fact that I didn’t put so much emotion in this it has been. Wonderful that I finally made the final decision. Now I can really put it to the side  😛 

I have worked all summer and soon it is time to slow down a little bit. It feels okay and fits me perfectly.. I have had it so great exactly as it use to be  😛 

I will work with my upcoming music and with my blog so clearly. I have my own business to work with, and to fall back to now after the summer. It feels wonderful and I yearn for this. Then when I am working with my own business so I miss my work. This means that I found a way that works for me.

Feels really fun because this is something I fought for so long. It is for my son who I do everything for I have promised him a part of things in the future. My son is proud of me and it makes me so HAPPY  🙂 I was struggling to I should be able to give my son what I have promised. Everything takes time but slowly but surely we will take us closer to our common goal for the future. Everything for you MY BELOVED SON screenshot_2017-05-20-22-16-45.jpg…..







Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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