There is so much love in me that my soul has begun to spread it out

I constantly strive to understand myself because it always takes me forward in life in a good way. I am thinking about it most of the time and analyze how I am and how I feel. It gives me great insights into myself and I get answers to many of my concerns. Feel so much humility on this life. I have lived with so much hatred and anxiety through my life which is now replaced with so much love. It still feels unreal that I actually feel as good as I do today. I’m really touched and grateful as I do not thought that this would happen. It makes me want to stop time and always be as confident in myself as I am. My soul is now whole and very powerful. My soul is filled with love. Let me stop time so that I always feel this way. There is so much love in me that my soul has begun to spread it out, the more powerful. It feels magical and natural at the same time. I always want to be here and I will always be there in one way or another. This is the result of a soul that has been healed. My brain don’t really understand this process, and it goes much in the past life experience  and its instincts. So I am and will probably act and be a little ambivalent in much. It’s hard to control how much I want. I am a problem solver so you understand that I have full up with myself. There is a lesson to even be able to see beyond it, which could be a problem for it is how I handle it that makes if I feel good about it or not. Right now it is very good and I am enjoying every second of it  🙂 

I have upgraded myself now and is on a step higher up, which feels absolutely amazing. It is very interesting and therefore, I stop the time for that I can. For that I am worthy to feel this way and I want to feel this way. Among the finest that can be given to me is time never forget it. I don’t know really so I know I will in time. This is what I have learned and that is the way I’m thinking. Therefore do I stop the time. Exciting to come to different insights that I all the time do. It is magical to walk on my way. 

Today I have a real light scattering day, and the day of rest. It makes good for the soul. Nice Weekend all my lovely listeners and readers  🙂 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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