Your Future

I have written music today and had planned to go out for a walk. It was that I decided to stay indoors. Have had a cold now for a while and is soon healthy so I don’t want to risk getting sick again. It would feel so unnecessary and I don’t want to spoil my schedule with everything that I’ll do it this year. So it comes to know your limitations and listening to your body.

I’ve got a lot worked with my music here today so now it is lovely to be able to blog a bit. Hope you all lovely readers have a great weekend. Now, of course, we towards brighter times again. I long for the summer but feel that winter has its charm and winter can be very beautiful. It is nice with snow.

2018 will be the year that I will have and live an even better lifestyle. I know what works and what does not and I have chosen to live more balanced, but still be able to do everything that I want to make my creativity. I hope that I will feel better by my change and I’m very sure that this will be good. You may try out simply. After 20 years now, so am I worth it to feel better. It already feels amazing that I finally took this step.

It is always important to affect the things which go to be able to feel better and it is every human being host. Repeated situations and years of something that tears more than it gives is smart to evaluate.

What is going to improve ? 

Not to give in, but learn when to push yourself and when not to. 

Right now, I have decided to only work with my music and with my blog. Don’t rush with a lot of other things, but have more peace and quiet in my life. I want to blog as blogs I and I want to write music so I do it when I feel that I have the energy and can. This time I was tired of ending up in a slump again where I’m not even motivated to do anything. When I now ended up in one of those doldrums so many times in the past 20 years, it is time for the change that I made now that I feel much better in the future.

Take Care Of Each Other and Your Future 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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