I have deliberately chosen to surround myself with strong people.

I have deliberately chosen to surround myself with strong people. Friends who are honest and say what they think. They stand on themselves and are honest even though we think different. I get very stressed out by the break and change my goals and to also walk away from something that feels good in my thoughts. I have learned that sometimes it is worth to change my principles for it may actually be better. I am so happy with how my life is today then I live in my dream, I have the great principles which means that I will be able to continue to live as I do. I have also learned that I feel much better now when I follow my set goals. Everything is a balancing act. Today I changed a bit on a set goal and it was stressful in the beginning but it will be good so I am confident with my decision. It is I who decide in the end about how and what I should do, but we are very grateful to have good friends who say what they think. They expand my perspective and they lift me up when I go into my strong-willed in what I should do. They reinforce the things I already have thought about and then I have easier to  make my decision.

For me it is very important that it should feel right in my decision and that I should feel good. It is wonderful to be able to be as creative as I am, but it is also very stressful because I want so very much. Therefore, everything must happen on my terms and I have a plan for everything that I do. Right now I am working on the songs that for me are a very close and sensitive. They tear up deep wounds and I are a bit extra fragile right now. I am proud of myself that I took this step in to record my songs on stuff that hurts. It is the best way for me to process things that are heavy for the brain. You will understand a lot of what I sing about when I release my songs. You will also hear songs from me in the future as you will not understand. I’ll try to explain more for those of you who will be genuinely interested in what it’s all about. You are always welcome to ask me. 

I have very many pages and the one does not preclude the other and the one is nothing without the other. Everything hangs together and you will get to hear everything. I am secure in what I’m doing. 

Thanks for your support  on my musical journey  🙂 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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  1. De ska bli så kul att höra dina nya låtar. Att bearbeta svåra saker i livet är toppen genom att vara kreativ- bästa sättet att bearbeta saker som är tunga för hjärnan.

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