Business And Emotions


Now I have the people around me that I want now for the future and I am happy that all these fine people are. Key people have been added, closer to me, and others have chosen to by a variety of reasons to shirk. Feels really good for me now in all cases be surrounded with people who have a strong inner drive. We think pretty much the same and the differences benefit us all. I choose carefully the people that I currently surround myself with.

It can be extremely tough to select out people so it makes thing easier when one chooses to remove themselves. It is not possible to get stuck in to think about these people. I will always think about many people but everyone should not be with in that which I create.

The journey is mine with a few chosen to be with. I know how I want everything to go to. We all have our own journeys and sometimes so are the roads in different directions.

I am glad that it still shows itself now early I learn a lot of everything. It is not possible to add together the friendship and success if you can’t operate it on a healthy level. It wears on relationships and some decreases slowly with time. May be because I as a person is very driven in what I do and need to surround myself with like minded people. Why is my Webmaster the person who is most involved in how I think and what I do. I also have some friends who have the same drive as I right now and we are both to be seen and talk a lot in the cell phone. It feels good to be able to share thoughts and concerns on a daily basis with these wonderful people. No need to feel envy because it goes well for the other and not thinking is strange. That is the way I want it. When you get it where sms : Heeej good luck on the job when working at home.

Imagine what a text can do. You can’t always call when you sit and work with everything. So then it’s fun to be able to send some text messages to their friends closest 😛

Sending sms takes not so long time it is about a few seconds so it has time if you want 😛

In order to preserve some relationships, so share I do not these people everything that touches my business thoughts no  longer. It is for relationships, and not to shut out other people. There is much to it that I work with should not be destroyed for I need all the energy I can use. Important to be able to make those decisions and it has not been easy either. But now I do it because it creates less turbulence. Instead of speculating, and it takes my energy, so my reflections over all of that I make the decisions I do. I am happy and it feels good. A thousand thanks to you people that in one way or another helped me by showing where you stand. How evil it may have done so, you have helped me to be able to be responsible for it will be as good as possible. This has given me more than what I have lost. It has taught me to better manage and distinguish between business and emotions.



It was my fault from the beginning who wanted to be with friends in my business. For me it was so obvious, but after realizing that it only damaged relationships so I had to do something. So now I have my Webmaster, and a few other close friends who I talk most with when it comes to my business. It will be best for all and none is less worthy than any other.

My inner plans, it is no besides I know about, and so it will remain. As my Webmaster likes to say : You do as you want in the end anyway HAHA 😛

I respect everyone’s choice in how involved or not as it chosen to be. But it is I who govern, and it is I who make and makes all the final decisions.

The biggest decisions are now made regarding some adjustments in the construction.

Feels really wonderful 😀

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀

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