Mental illness


When you live with mental illness and have people around you in the closest relations that do not understand.  Then you never can get the best out of you. It kills me and it is eating away at my entire existence. All these years of incomprehension, and only belief in that if you work regularly on a job, you become healthy. I can no longer try to get those who do not understand to understand. That every time as soon as it gets a bit too much so it is just to go to the doctor and take a blood test that gets you healed and can work as all the other every day and be as good as every other is.  

All people have different abilities and work on the basis of what you can. Has the driver that I have, it is easy to push itself in the bottom. It happened more before, but now I have good balance in all that I do. It is just all this complaining all the time that I should and that everyone else is so good all the time. I can’t be bothered to take more energy to get people who don’t understand to understand anymore. 


They forget, in total, remove the whole trip that I made to be able to live the life I do today. I even live is a miracle in itself, but even it is forgotten. I don’t have time anymore for these violations. In the eyes where you are never any good and never good enough where I would no longer have the appreciation. This tug-of-war all the time ceases now there are people who will never be satisfied. They will constantly require more of you. 


On the shell, everything is so beautiful and from the outside, everything looks so good. But there is so much that people don’t know anything about. There is so much that I struggle with every day. You can’t see my personal success in that I have actually gone and studied and got top scores. You can’t see that despite adversity, I am here. You have no understanding of how tough my journey has been and that I am still here.

It is I who has vision problems and is half blind in both eyes. You ought to work more if you … the stress means that I have to delete the I am available to work. The stress makes me become passive. The stress makes me sick so don’t come here and do not humble me in all my attempts to keep a good balance. Then the man becomes sick physically and then it falls still. This will stop the never me I am so accustomed to this is, but the limit is reached now. Do you think seriously that I will sabotage my whole trip up here??


It will never happen and it doesn’t matter who stands in the way. It is just annoying that I with all my own fighter should have to fight against people who say that they want my best all the time. To want a thing but to go on the things that you do not have knowledge in that are experiencing this Mental Illness, so it is better to let it be. You have no idea what it triggers in people by being opinionated and unsympathetic. But if you have not the abilities to understand so do not intend to put more energy on trying to be understood. 


I will stop talking with people who don’t understand this because it harms more than it helps anyone. What I can do is to turn off the emotions. I have done it before and I have no problem doing it now either. If you have problems with this, so you have to have it. I know that who I am today and I where I’m going and therefore I do make additional changes for it to keep in the long run.


It is extremely important to focus on the people who understand you and not trigger you to incite yourself to it that you don’t have the energy. It may be a case that you never come out. With this text I want you living with Mental Illness should always know that you are good enough exactly as you are. There are unsympathetic people who do not have the skills to understand how you have it that can say things like, feels like, and is offensive. There are also those who are wicked to the for some reason is not doing so well themselves and need to push down someone else. 


It is we who must stick together when it is like this. All of us who understand and live with this all the time. With me, it is not the actual Mental Illness that is the problem for I love myself for who I am. I accept who I am and I never want to I’ll get rid of my flaws. But I don’t want to have a society of people who do not understand, it is something that is lacking, so it is when society does not understand.


It is something that is lacking it is when the related party does not understand. Understanding is equal to that mental illness is much easier to live with. Incomprehension, however, many people are not able to live longer because there will be too much. It is more rooted than that people don’t understand mental illness. These people have not had to work in the same way with themselves and maybe not learned something about themselves. But we who have been in hell and fought with the devil a hundreds of times. Do you really believe that we have the time to mess with you all the time in that you do not understand?

 Shame on you, you have no idea at all and it is terribly sad. You have a mental illness that you should take care of. We others are doing it and working with our problems. Unfortunately, you will be a of our everyday problems, for that you not working with your own problems.


Double Trouble in the circle is absolutely not healthy for anyone!


Take care of each other instead !


Many hugs from MinikeGirl 😀 


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  1. Well little girl… whatever they call it… We both got strenght and stand firmly together in this world, and there will always be people that dont get it no matter how hard you try. One of the best lessons i learned in life, is when you look at a problem, and see it exactly as it is.. it cease to exist 🙂

    1. Yes exactly it is as it is with everything but not thinking we allow ourselves to be hindered by it. But only run on as we always have done 🙂 / MinikeGirl

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