Excited In Relation

10552561_550030445120042_904882889023518198_nNow I run a little workout that I longed to be able to do. Took it relatively easy on my rowing machine yesterday. But intend to run on a bit today so it will be more and more because. Need to get my adrenaline to rush and work on the right way again and it makes it through my workout. It becomes wrong when it is used to unhealthy stress and skyrockets. So, this is about to change back to normal when it has become imbalance because of many different external circumstances. 

I have learned to influence it as I can myself as much as possible for it to be as good as possible and the external stress is hard to avoid especially when it comes from several different sources. It will be great to work with then all of a sudden.
That is why I usually try to accept the situation and do what I can to ease the situations that have arisen.


I am very excited in relation to my next song is about to be released shortly. There was a campaign recently, where I usually let my songs through and it was free for a time to release the songs. So that is why it takes longer time with this let drop, as many made use of this offer. Usually it goes very quickly to get out of their songs so it does not matter that it takes a little longer this time.

Now it is the weekend and I am going to continue exactly as I do with everything right now.


Nice Weekend all my Best Listeners and Readers 😀 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 


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  1. Det vore en dröm för mig och du ville kolla på min blogg, den handlar dels om min resa bort från den hemska sjukdomen anorexia, men också om livet efter sjukdomen. För tro det eller ej, men jag är nästan helt frisk! 😀 <3

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