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Nice weekend for now I’m going to structure how I have it with my upcoming music. Now I have received the order of it that has been very on the latest. It that I can do something about. There is still much that I do not control, but life is so and I must somehow accept that it is as it is. I will go broke over and over again but is there anyone who understands this it is me. I know that it is as it is and nothing I can affect.

I choose to understand the reality of it is that I live in. I choose to release my feelings in this and let them soar freely. When you know how something will be, but not when you are prepared but yet not. Love is all that I know. It is hard to see something bright in the somewhat tragic, but the love may be even strength in all things.
Life has its challenges and I have mine. So glad I always been good to reflect on things. It has taken me so far on my trip. I am down-to-earth and focused, it is important for me to be able to be there. Now is the time to start to make the food here so that I can with what I have planned here today 😛 
A thousand Thank you for listening to my Music :

Take Care Of Each Other 😀 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 

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