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First, it is very emotional to feel that one has somehow been replaced by other people. But the time is changing and it is not possible to keep a fixed in what was once. The day has 24 hours so it is not possible to change 😀 . Things like this happends all the time thats what life is about. Dont forget that when you feel replaced its often not as bad as it feels. You dont own other peoples time and they dont own yours. So dont feel sad. Sometimes the time dont fit your own style and what you want 😀 . So dont be selfish. Everything needs to have its own time.

I, for one, understand it. Therefore, it is good as it is though it is new to me. It’s more important that everyone involved feel good. There sometimes arises a situation which is not feels so big fun and you stand in the middle of this situation and feel hurt and not at all comfortable in how things have become. At the same time that you are happy for others ’ happiness. Accept the situation and go out of the entire situation for yourself feel better is not a bad choice. It is a very good choice for you to do what you yourself are doing well out in the long run. Especially when all who are in the situation, that everyone should feel good in the end. Then there is nothing to hesitate of, I think.

There is so much that I have in front of me now and today I released a little of my habitual life. How does it feel ? I am terrified but that is what you should be when you challenge yourself when it comes to these challenges. It is also triggering in a good way and that is how I become stronger. When I talk about being strong, it’s much more about being  physically strong. It is about being strong in its entire existence. It is about a sense of security and freedom. It is about emotions and acceptance. It’s all about love.

Sometimes it feels like that is more dependent on other people than what you really are. Clearly you are addicted, but in what way are you depending? During the later time so I have been thinking a lot and felt much like I always do. Hello ! My brain 😀 link together and take apart things that many other people’s brains do not do. Both advantages and disadvantages in that I works so. But for the attentive person so it has been more feelings and musings of me here on the blog. I feel strong and I am intense when I feel. It is I who cries to action movies because it would be so awesome. It is I who cries to horror movies because I often feel sorry about and sympathy for the spirits and creatures that go again and scares people. There is such sadness behind a lot. As I often feel with people who have sought help and been sent home and then commit horrible crimes. But then it has gone too far, I can find also. You want to be able to capture young people before it goes so far.

The benefits are nothing without the disadvantages because there is so much in between that many people forget. I am happy and I am glad that I have my intense think that I with a lot of practice is in order. Often, it was like I was that girl who had not so much an eye on things. In spite of my outward behaviour, I was very introverted and a real dreamer. I was very fuzzy and wanted a lot of it never got anything done. I was really not into how it would be or behave in different situations. In any case, I felt so it does not need to be as it was. But in my world it was so and it was all the time so important how you looked in front of other people and how they perceived me. It shaped me to feel that I never fit in. It has nothing to with that I am allowed to do at all. I fit in but it felt not so.

To be a girl and have my drivers in selfrealize myself has not been easy. Guys are often praised if they want to conquer the world, but as a girl, it’s so wrong inculcated her to be quiet and calm. But as I said I am terribly stubborn, and even the impossible is possible to make almost possible, it need not be either or.With my blog and with my music so I want to prove that you should never give up on their dreams. Putting the other people time and effort in to all the time think that what you are doing is fuzzy and not worth anything. It is when you have nothing and it is more fuzzy to carp down on others dreams and goals and visions in life. They are often afraid to live out.

You are unique and valuable, everybody never forget it 😀 


Many hugs from MinikeGirl 😀 


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