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Now I have finally sent my next song on the release. I wanted just that this song could be on the way at the right time. The right time is now when I had a slump last month and is on his way out of it. It is precisely what the song’s content is about, which makes all much easier today.

It is a fact that I have had it very good in recent time and it has not at all been the many puddles at all. I know that I was very frustrated at first when I ended up in my downswing and I took a day at a time and it worked just as well as it usually do. So I thought not much of it. The one week I was more sensitive and the second week I was not so sensitive. Then it became more and more contrasts on the whole.


My thyroid values were ”normal” but the one value was high and I don’t think I have had as high as before. So compare it with how it’s been in the past on my host so end up it’s probably not in the context of what is ”normal” for me. It remains to find out. But as I know so everything will be better when I get started with my training and work again. One day at a time. Life was simpler then the I from to not bother me at all if things to become a so-called FREAK to want to be in control of everything that happens. The contrast is very big there but it is how I feel best. I have had zero control many times in my life and everything I have done has been wrong. Therefore, it is important for me that I do things that I’m capable of. There may be failures that I also understand but it may not be too much for then I become passive for the most part. It is important to get to feel that everyday life works. Therefore, snowing, many who are like me in on what they are good at just because they are safe there. It becomes even comfort zone. I also have these strong forces must have the ability to just stop time to catch up with myself.

 I can’t work to support people in their daily lives, if I myself do not dare to process myself when it pops up different kinds of problems. You always learn something, and that is what is so wonderful to know. I have learned to speak up and to say stop to myself and other people. I have learned that it is often people who respect your choice when you say that you need to take care of yourself. It is the people you keep closest to heart, no matter who it is. But it is also the people you should listen to when they want to get you out for that walk that you can not take that you don’t really feel good.


 Continue to dare to process it as you have in you for it gets better. It’s okay to be afraid of it, which you can find on the road. But for every step that you take regardless of whether it feels good or is hard so that always counts as a success. To carry things within itself, eating away at the soul. 


Have the Best My Lovely Readers


Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😀


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  1. Looking forward for the next song and you are right, you cant support other people, i’ve tried that and it only overwhelm yourself in the end, people need to learn to do right things and take responsibility for their own actions.

    1. It is true that you are writing. It is particularly important in my work when I work with people that I also know my own limitations. You should help the other so you have to feel whole by yourself. A thousand Thanks for your comment 🙂 / MinikeGirl

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